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​​People come into therapy for all different kinds of reasons. Maybe you have been thinking about working on some long term challenges for a while. Or possibly there has been a recent change you are trying to work through. Most people find therapy helpful when they are faced with change, loss, or challenges that are having an impact on their everyday lives.








What positive Change would you like to make?

​​Positive change is attainable! Looking for information about anxiety and depression, managing chronic pain, or other mental health issues, therapy is a good first step. Many who come to therapy have hit their limit and are looking for positive changes in their life. Whether your concerns have a long history or are due to recent change, therapy can help.  If you have tried everything and nothing seems to help or perhaps an unexpected recent event is just too much.  If you feel overwhelmed, or stuck and hopeless, individual therapy or group therapy can help. With the right kind of help you  can be successful, happy, self confident, have more energy, and do more of the things you want to be doing in your daily life. 


Michael Hillam Psy.D.

Licenced Psychologist